Erica Frasner,

Customer Testimonials

"I've been going to Leah for 4 months. I moved here from Boston. I was really hoping to find a great waxer and luckily I found Leah. I was new to sugaring and she was very patience addressing my initial concerns. I highly recommend her. The sugaring lasts 4 weeks. Not a hair left. I'm a sugaring convert!!"

Khandi Landry,

"Absolutely loved my sugaring experience. It was probably one of the easiest Brazilians I have had in a lonnnngggg time. After all of the horror stories that I could tell about some of these discount places in Charleston, going to Elyon was truly a breath of fresh air. Currently making my next appointment to go back."

Heather Harvey,


Sugaring is not usually fun or my favorite thing to do but I love the results. Extra exfoliation that leaves my skin very soft and as the hair returns it grows back very spars and smooth. My first sugaring with Leah was fantastic! Her technique is very precise, fast, and almost completely painless. That hasn't always been the case at other sugaring sessions I've had in the past. I'm really looking forward to my next session at Elyon Spa and can't wait to try other services there. Leah not only has a magic touch but a wonderful personality to go with it. Many thanks Elyon Spa!!! HH"

Julie Z,

"I feared waxing and ever since I have been to Leah for sugaring... I have gone every month! Fear not with having Leah as your sugarer! She is super friendly, super fast and efficient and makes getting a Brazilian easy-peasy!!!"

Kerry Y,


"I went to see Leah with some real back discomfort. She figured out quickly that the issue was in my hips. When I left, I couldn't believe how straight I could stand up. She is a very talented woman. If you are an athlete...don't miss out."

Austin A,


"So, I've had a nagging injury for as long as I can remember. Recently it has gotten worse, with a lot of cramping and spasms going on in the surrounding areas. I went to multiple different places with minimal relief. Was able to get in to see Leah when the pain had gotten worse. It wasn't the most enjoyable massage I've ever had because the muscles were so tight, but I hadn't felt that kind of release on them in years. It was incredible how much better I felt. I told her what I was feeling and where the pain was and she did her magic and I felt great afterwards. I would highly recommend her to anyone."